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Franchise Opportunity

We will soon be growing our wings and expanding the business.  We have been operating under the name "Taxes Made Simple" since 2002 and federal trademarked the business name in 2012 and looking for more companies to merge with us.  Per our current policies at this time, all franchise are subject to approval by the owner and may not be accepted.  All bids for franchise opportunities is a case by case basis. For more information, email name, address, and phone number to  We will provide all the necessary checklists, forms, training and paperwork needed.


We do not allow the use of the name "Taxes Made Simple" without our permission. The unauthorized use of the name is in direct violation of the federal trademark rules and is an infringement of the company's intellectual property rights. Civil remedies including, but not limited to, injunctive relief, money damages, attorney fees, and destruction of any infringing articles. Additional remedies are available if such infringement is intentional and/or fraudulent. All claims with the use of the name will be turned over to our legal department. Thank you for your understanding.