Cost of Services & Fees



ACCOUNTING/BOOKKEEPING work is billed on an hourly rate of $90 per hour (billed in 15 minute increments). This includes preparing and assisting businesses with record keeping, monthly bank reconciliations, credit card reconciliations, sales/use tax returns, monthly inputting of check stubs, updating your records, adjust book balances, quarterly review, QuickBooks set-up and assistance, business start-up and initial filings, tax planning, business planning, and business consultation.


TAX PREPARATION fees are as follows:

  •  Individual and Small Businesses are charged per form prepared for an accurate and complete tax return - Federal (IRS), States, School Districts, and Cities (due April 15th).
    • For example, an Individual with only W-2s and health insurance coverage that is eligible to file Form 1040EZ, State of Ohio, and a city tax return - the tax preparation cost would be $145.
    • A Small Business (Sole Proprietor or Single Member LLC) with health insurance coverage all year would have, at a minimum, the Forms 1040, Schedule C, Schedule SE, depreciation, and Ohio starting at $185 (plus $20 per city return, if needed).
    • An Individual that would have wages, a Rental Property and health insurance coverage all year would be at a minimum, the Froms 1040, Schedule E, depreciation, and Ohio starting at $165 (plus $20 per city return, if needed).
  •  Corporation, S Corporation, or Partnership tax returns are for C & S Corporate federal and state tax returns start at $375 Partnership returns start at $325 Each city return is an additional $20.  For adjustments to the QuickBooks and/or the books, the fee is based on an hourly rate of $90 to update the books, along with verifying and balancing year-end figures.

* Extensions are filed for a preparation fee of $25 each for Businesses and/or Individuals

*Taxes Made Simple is an Authorized e-file provider. Electronic filing is included for Federal and most states.

*Along with preparing your current year tax returns, we will also review the prior year tax returns FREE of charge. If there are any mistakes or missed deductions, an amended return needs to be filed immediately. There is a charge for the amendment(s).

TAX NOTICES/PAST TAX ISSUES are billed at a rate of $90 per hour.  Minimum charge is one hour or minimum of $90 to assist gathering and working with the IRS, State of Ohio, or other local authority.  We can assist you with past tax issues by correcting a posting error, adjusting penalties, or even removing the tax and penalties on your tax account.  Do not let the notice go unanswered!

PAYROLL SERVICES are billed on an hourly rate of $90 per hour (billed in 15 minute increments). . We can prepare your payroll checks, assist with payroll deposits, prepare the quarterly payroll returns (Form 941, Federal Unemployment, Ohio withholding, Ohio Unemployment, City Filing Requirements, Workers Compensation, etc.), and prepare the year-end reports along with the W-2s and 1099s.

SALES TAX SERVICES are offered.  If you have a filing requirement of Semi-Annual Filing for Ohio Sales Tax the preparation fee of $45, we will file online through the Ohio Business Gateway site.  If you have a filing requirement of Monthly Filing of Ohio Sales Tax the preparation fee of $25, this is per month and filing completed online through the Ohio Business Gateway site.  We will work with you to ensure these reports are filed timely and accurately.

OTHER BUSINESS FILING SERVICES are offered.  We file the forms your business needs to stay in compliance.  All businesses in the State of Ohio are required to file an Annual Ohio Unclaimed Funds report.  Our office will ensure you are in compliance with the State of Ohio with this filing requirement for a preparation fee of $45.  If you business needs the Heavy Use Tax filing, we can assist you with your vehicle reporting in order to renew the registrations on your truck(s) for a preparation fee of $50.  If your business is required to file an Annual Ohio Commercial Activities Tax (CAT), we will ensure you have met this filing requirement for a preparation fee of $45.  There are many other filing requirements for different business, let our office help your business stay in compliance.

NOTARY SERVICES are offered. This service is free to all current clients (within one year of service).  This includes such documents as a Power of Attorney, promissory notes, statements, affidavits, Vehicle Titles, etc…  For those who are not current clients, most notary items are $5 each per signature/seal.

RETAINER SERVICES - Depending on your business/individual needs, any of these fees can be set up into a retainer as well.  A retainer is an agreed upon monthly fee that includes a variety of services that are specified to your needs.  This will benefit your business for budgetary purposes and cash-flow needs.  This fee is set up to include an overall discount of our fees from the normal hourly rate.

Our office hourly rate of $90 per hour (billed in 15 minute increments).  If there are any questions in regarding to services or fees for your needed services please call our office at (330) 494-9659.  These listed prices are effective through 2018, last updated January 1st, 2018.


ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF PAYMENT - We accept Checks, Cash, and Credit Cards/Debit Cards.  We currently run all Credit Cards and Debit Cards through Square or Paypal for processing.  All Tax Returns are paid in full prior to electronically filing.  No tax return will be submitted without full payment on the account.  If needed, an extension may need to be filed on your behalf, an additional fee of $25 will be added to your account for the cost of the Extension.  The Extension Fee of $25 must be paid prior to the Extension is submitted on your behalf for the Federal, State, and Local Authorities.  Also, See Late Fee Schedule/Collection Policy Below.
LATE FEE SCHEDULE (as of 1-1-2014)

All tax returns are to be paid in full upon completion and pick-up.  No tax returns will be e-filed with a "balance-due" on your account.

All non-tax preparation service invoices are due with-in 15 days. 

 Collection Policy

  • After 30 days from date of invoice, a monthly finance charge of 2.5% will be added to the account until paid in full.  A monthly finance charge will be added to your total invoice at a rate of 2.5% of the total account balance (30% APR) or $2.00 minimum charge per month, whichever is greater.  These charges are assessed around the first of every month.
  • After 60 days from date of invoice, a processing fee of $25 will also be added to the account along with the monthly finance charge.  No future work will be performed by Taxes Made Simple, Inc.
  • After 90 days from date of invoice, all outstanding accounts without any action or received payments will be turned over to our collection agency.  At that time, the account balance will include an additional $35 collection fee.
  • After 120 days from date of invoice, all outstanding accounts with no received payments will be turned over to our law firm.  At this time, the account balance will include all lawyer fees (min. of 2 hours at $250/hour), all court costs, and processing costs.