Special Offers

Do you have a tax issue?  Have you been receiving tax notices and not sure why you owe any tax?  Please let us help.  Call our office to make an appointment immediately.  We are here to help you "clear up" the notice(s) that you are receiving.  Many notices are cleared up within an accumulated time of an hour (cost $90); multiple years or multiple taxing authorities may be up to 3 hours (cost $270).....not the thousands of dollars other charge!  Call us today at (330) 494-9659.


Let us file your EXTENSION today for only $20. We will take care of all the paperwork and headaches. We will ensure that your extension is filed correctly with the IRS (federal), State (if necessary), School District (if necessary), and your local City Tax Department. These EXTENSIONS are filed for CORPORATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS.  We ensure all extensions are e-filed or tracked by certified mail/e-mails. Call the office today at 330-494-9659.



Our Office’s “Early Bird Program” Change

Our office’s Early Bird program has changed effective January 1st, 2015. All returning individuals will be eligible for a discount on Individual Income Tax Preparation.  The discount will be based on how long you have continuously been with our office. If you have been with our office for one tax year, you will receive a 1% discount; two tax years will be a 2% discount, and so forth up to the max of a 5% discount.  As a returning client, this discount is good through May 31st of that filing season. This discount does not apply to Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts, Bookeeping, Payroll, or any other services.